The following areas have been earmarked for attention:

  • Early Childhood Development (ECD)-  upskilling and standardising curricula across the valley’s ECD Centres
  • Principal Development and Support – coaching and mentoring principals to empower them to deal with the multiplicity of challenges they face
  • School Governing Body  Development and Support – training and mentoring for SGB’s
  • Teacher Enrichment –  teacher training, personal development and achieving the required level of time on task
  • Food Provision – revisiting existing approach to feeding learners
  • Class Size – provide assistance to teachers to cope with classes over 30 learners
  • Special Needs – provision of professional support to teachers to deal with special needs learners
  • Education Resource Centre – establishment of “centres of excellence” at which teachers can receive training and those who teach the same phase/subject can share experiences. The Centre could potentially evolve in the future into a building which contains a teachers’ library, and ICT Centre for training and support of the schools, meeting rooms and so on
  • Transport – provision of improved transport facilities to assist learners getting to, from and between schools and other destinations.