Established in 1930 Wes-Eind Primary has served the poorer communities in and around Franschhoek for over seventy years. When the community for whom the school was initially established was forcibly moved to Groendal as a result of the Group Areas Act under the old Apartheid Regime, the school survived and today most of the learners either walk long distances to school or are bussed.
Source: Khanya.co.za



Insight (from Tales of a Travelling Teacher): Our day consisted of teaching math, natural science and art and culture, to students in grades five through seven. Fortunately, the teachers at Wes-Eind are amazing and provided us with worksheets for all of the math classes. For the most part, the day ran very smoothly, and we only had a few of the boys acting up. We 

were told the behavior at this school would be worse, but to be honest, it was easier dealing with behavior issues when there was enough work, papers and books to keep the other students occupied.