Our Vision

Through regular meetings between the Heads and the Chairs of School Governing Bodies over a six month period, the Vision for the Franschhoek schools has been formalised as:

“We are a partnership of interdependent schools promoting lifelong learning and wellness which will improve the quality of life of all people in our community.”







Our Mission

The agreed Mission for the schools is:

“We will create sustainable opportunities for all children, families, and our community to achieve their potential through:

Working in co-operation with Government departments and other organisations
Working in partnership with one another, sharing resources, and learning from each other
Creating a learning community
Taking responsibility for our environment
Addressing all five dimensions of human development and well-being, namely:
     Schools’ ethos, culture and values system
     Cognitive (academic).

Our Goals

A number of high level Goals have been defined, based on the Vision and Mission, which include:

  • Full enrolment of all 3 – 5 year olds in structured pre-school programmes two years prior to entering Gr 1
  • 100% learner retention between Gr 1 and 12
  •  Quality teaching and learning at ECD centres and schools
  •  Development of learners which addresses all five dimensions, being physical, emotional, social, schools’ ethos culture and values, and cognitive
  • Involved, participating and contributing parents
  • Motivated learners
  • A safe learning environment
  • An efficient and supportive schools’ infrastructure
  • Learner’s career success
  • A learning community
  • A sustainable FSTP.