Fire Away!

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Five of Franschhoek’s currently unregistered Early Childhood Development centres (ECDs) received a massive helping hand towards becoming registered recently, when a number of local entities collaborated under the Bhabhathane banner to supply each of them with much needed fire extinguishers.

The process of registration is a taxing administrative exercise and the schools have benefited from Bhabhathane’s direct involvement through the efforts of Nichola de Havilland and the Department of Social Development. What has made Bhabhathane’s work easier is the tireless support local organisations who recognise the mandate given to the organisation by the ECDs themselves and the government and the exponential positive effects of collaborative effort.

Bhabhathane is particularly grateful to the considered sponsorship of the ten requisite fire extinguishers by the local funding organisation, FRANCO, and the personnel of the NGO, Prochorus, to make clearing this particular hurdle in the registration process so much easier.

The five ECDs that received fire extinguishers care for in excess of 200 of the most impoverished and vulnerable pre-schoolers in the valley and constitute the tip of the ECD iceberg that presently sees about 700 children follow a formal pre-school programme. Bhabhathane believes that the registration of these schools will motivate the establishment of new registered schools, and informal (but monitored) playgroups, which will ultimately see the approximately 1500 pre-school children in the valley benefit from a sound education foundation.

The objectives of the Bhabhathane ECD project include full enrolment, increased capacity and upgrading of existing ECD Centres, the development of a compliant common curriculum, support of the ECD Forum, assisting ECD Centres to become registered and funded by the Department of Social Development, assisting teachers to become qualified and to provide food to all learners in need.

For more information about the ECD project, contact Brett Garner at, or Alastair Wood at regarding Bhabhathane.

Author: Brett Garner

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